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The Eric Balfour Website YouTube Channel
The Eric Balfour Website YouTube Channel



Here is a small selection of videos with Eric that are elsewhere

on the internet:


MovieWeb 2007

Syfy Channel 2010

Allocine September 2010

Syfy Spain September 2010

FormulaTV September 2010

Premiere September 2010

Screenrush October 2010

Fox News November 2010

The Cinema Source November 2010

MTV November 2010

Be Street November  2010

TV Guide July 2011

Frequency July 2013


In this section we will post a video each month that's exclusively for 

The Eric Balfour Fan Site 

This month we are treating you to the movie "Rain". 

The movie is about a German Shepared named Rain that was trained to fight in the Vietnam War and due to his intelligence and courage in the face of adversity wins the respect and loyalty of his platoon.

Eric stars as "Pvt. Morris".

This movie was released in 2003. 

It took us a long time to find this movie, but we managed to find a copy in France.

Unfortunately we haven't found an English version (yet), but we'll keep on looking.

Until then enjoy "Chien De Guerre".


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